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Triangle Impact Partners


Triangle Impact Partners is a marketplace of resources aimed at helping social venture entrepreneurs achieve investment-readiness.


Our goal is to get your social innovation to funding using our proprietary Impact + Business Plan Model.


We operate in alignment with these 4 core values:


We believe that progress is greater than perfection. In the impact space, we encourage incremental progress toward the greater goals and look forward to celebrating the small wins along the way. Effecting change is a marathon, and every step counts!


We believe profit fuels impact. When a scalable business solution solves a social problem, the profits generated become a force for greater impact, positive outcomes, and a snowball effect for future growth and sustainability. Integrity within this space is key and thus we insist upon transparency and honesty among all of our stakeholders.


We believe that working together and building the strongest teams possible is vital to any success, in the impact space, or any space, for that matter. People push missions forward, inspire innovation, and make it possible to bring solutions to market that solve our leading social problems.


We maintain an open-minded approach to impact tech. Technology is not binary. Impact tech shows up in many different ways; in fact, it must jump the boundaries of traditional tech in order to bring about the greatest positive change. We remain curious about how technology will grow and change, and we’re excited about the potential.

Measurable Impact + Business Plan

Our Formula for Success

MEASURABLE IMPACT: Evaluate, consider, define, and measure the impact plan. Being an impact-first social venture far more than simply stating a mission. There is a rigorous process and pervasive responsibility to impact. Investors demand it. We know what they want to see and have the expertise to help you get there.

BUSINESS PLAN: An end-to-end re-evaluation of your business plan based on the impact investment ecosystem. Our 25+ years of experience planning and running operations inside enterprise means we know what it takes to balance growth with risk management.

A Letter from Our Founder

Grant Kaley

Hello and Welcome!

I am passionate about the amazing potential and triple-win approach to social entrepreneurship, so I am on a mission to dramatically expand the marketplace in which the key operators interact.  To help social entrepreneurs get the funding they need to bring world-changing ideas into reality at scale, I believe the key lies in greater awareness and transparency.  Much is talked about when it comes to Impact Investing, but those discussions are dominated in the halls of the elite philanthropists.  We need a more open version for those of us who are working on solutions at the grassroots level.

At TIP, we first support entrepreneurs who answer to more than just their bottom line.  Our clients are driven by a sense of responsibility for the world outside themselves, seeking to leave a lasting positive impact for future generations.

Do you have a solution for getting clean water or fresh food to under-served populations, narrowing workforce gaps, shutting down animal cruelty or increasing environmental conservation?  We’re here to connect you with impact investors interested in helping your mission succeed.

Working closely with social entrepreneurs is both humbling and inspiring.  The issues we face are immense, but the impressive individuals winning daily battles against these vast social and environmental challenges are the most passionate, driven, and courageous people on the planet.

My own passion for social innovation was forged during my time overseeing new programs at Fidelity Charitable. That’s where I became familiar with — and a fervent champion of — impact investing strategies.  I loved the idea of using investment vehicles not only for financial return, but also for societal and environmental development – sustainable investment for the greater good.  Today, I’m honored to build a bridge between social entrepreneurship and impact investments, creating an inventive social incubator where groundbreaking new movements are born and placing social ventures on the path to success.

Hooked on innovation and the exhilaration of starting a promising new enterprise, I’ve always been ready to pull up my sleeves and work to make things happen.  I studied Neuropsychology, got an MBA, started a multimillion dollar business at the age of 29, consulted with fortune 500 companies, founded an EduTech start-up, educated policymakers in Washington DC, learned design thinking at the Stanford d.school, and created new offerings amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.  While I’m proud of my accomplishments over my 25+ years identifying opportunity and building solutions, it’s the simple innate qualities of ingenuity and hard work that really make me who I am and continue to drive me.

Today, I simply look to pay it forward, not only using my skills and experience to help guide my social entrepreneurial clients, but to also pass along some of the knowledge I’ve gained along the way. I’d rather teach you how to use a model than merely show you my results.

So, if you’re a pioneering social entrepreneur with an innovative solution for one of our planet’s social or environmental problems, please do get in touch.  Let’s talk about how we can work together to change the world.

Grant Kaley



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