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Investment-ready Social Ventures

Your Journey Starts Here:

Triangle Impact Partners’

Roadmap to Investment Readiness

  • Team 100% 100%
  • Traction 100% 100%
  • Technology for Impact 100% 100%
  • Terms for Investment 100% 100%

You need these 4 elements in order and well-documented before meeting with potential investors.

Getting started on the right foot increases your potential for raising the funds you need and reaching your impact goals. 

Achieving investment-readiness in the social venture space is different than the traditional VC investment landscape.  Some of the same rules apply, some are vastly different. How prepared are you? 

Are you on the frontier of achieving major social or environmental change? 

Just need funding in order to scale?

You’re in the right place!

1) Start with this form to begin your journey.

Answer a few quick questions to get moving toward your goal of being an investment-ready social venture.

2) You’ll gain immediate access to our Social Venture Resource Center.  

This is our curated collection of tools and literature that we think every social venture entrepreneur needs in their nap sack. It’s a great place to hang out — consider it our resource-rich waiting room!

3) We’ll review your submission within 24 – 48 hours and send you a personalized email with our initial assessment of your market position. 

Qualifying companies will be invited to apply to our consulting program to get customized, personalized support on your road to investment-readiness!